For The Weary Souls

by This Hope Prevails




This is the first of many ep's to come. All songs are original's written by Gregory Esselmont and Steve Birss.


released January 10, 2012

Lyrics by Greg, Music by Greg and Steve
Gregory Esselmont - Lead Vocals, Electric Guitar
Steve Birss - Programming, Loops, Synths, Rhodes, Piano, BGV's, etc...
Austrian Graf - BGV's
Blair Stretch - Ambient Guitar
Josh Rau - Ambient Guitar
Mastered by Saff Mastering



all rights reserved


This Hope Prevails Lethbridge, Alberta

Greg and Steve have been making music together for over 14 years. They now both serve at a local church in Lethbridge, Alberta and are striving to make corporate worship songs for their church while not falling into the mold of the typical worship style.
For more info on their church and ministry, please visit:
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Track Name: Our Refuge
Our Refuge -

We look up to you Lord
As you sit on your throne, You’re
clothed in all Your glory, clothed in all Your beauty
You look down from Heaven, and see us in our affliction
but You never waver, Oh humble Saviour

Jesus You are, You are…

Hope, for the weary souls,
Your eyes are fixed on those,
on those who fear You, Lord
You’re our refuge.

You came down from Heaven
to the lost and the leavened
with a humbled spirit, took our shame and wore it.
Now seated at Gods right hand,
a help and a shield for man
our souls are longing for You, we fall before You

In Your word, in Your love, by Your blood Lord, You’re our refuge
Track Name: Always
We’re alive, in You, You’re our foundation, God of truth
You’re the light, that wakes us from our slumber, that guides our hearts to You
Lord, we give our lives to You

Jesus, Your saving grace, is so alive, through every age
Saviour, Your promise waits, and we will praise You till that day…and always

In weakness, we are strong because You’ve strengthened, us in You
In battle, victory’s won, Lord, by Your power, not anything we do
Lord, we lift our voice to You, in Spirit and in truth

Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth below, like heaven above
In willing hearts, shine Your glory and Your love, Lord...

...Take my life and let it be consecrated Lord to thee
Take my moments and my days, let them flow in ceaseless praise

Take myself, and I will be, ever, only, all for Thee,
Take my voice, and let me sing, always, only, for my King

For my King, for my King, Jesus my King
Track Name: Your Grace
Your grace, like perfect language speaks,
In riddles that keep me, coming back for more
Your grace, like oceans that don’t stir,
Takes me off my feet, You bring me to my knees

Oh God, You’re light, You’re life, You’re love,
I know You are the One (so I Praise thee)
Oh God, I’m Yours, Oh Lord, I’m nothing,
And You’re the Son, that saves me

Your grace, like five thousand empty plates,
Filled with your sweet taste, of love
Your grace, like a man who’s lost his son,
To greed and abandon, welcomes him home

You were broken and alone,
And I will never know,
Why you won’t let go… of me

You were hanging by Your wrists,
Betrayed by mankind’s kiss,
You gave us all Your hope…
So I praise Thee
Track Name: More Than Sufficient
Glory, to the King of kings, to Jesus Christ
Glory, to the one who gave new life
we boast in Your name, Lord, it’s mighty to save

You saved us; conquered death with life
Only Your love, is enough to justify

Lord, Your name is love
Your perfect love
is more than sufficient

Glory, to the prince of peace, who paid our price
Glory, to our God who reigns on high
We trust in Your name, Lord, it’s worthy of praise

Holy, Holy Lord
Track Name: You Have My Affection
(I've been blind, wipe the scales out of eyes so I can see...)

You have my affection, You have my affection
and You call me by name
You hold the stars in Your hands
You made the heavens and You call me by name

Oh Lord, You are faithful
Creator, You take hold of my life in Your hands
And before You I stand with my affection,
You have my affection; You have my hearts cry

I carried lies; so unfaithful, so ungrateful for the life You lived and then sacrificed so You could rise up
and carry my yoke, bury the darkness in light, Lord, repentance is mine
I humbly lay down my life

Jesus let Your light shine over us, beyond all time
Jesus let Your light shine, glorious, Your name will rise

I've been blind, wipe the scales out of my eyes so I can see

You have my affection, You have my affection
You have my affection and You call me by name